Everyone has their favorite pizza from their favorite pizza place. I mean American pizza is a staple in our societies and you really can't go anywhere in the U.S. and not find some great pizza. More often than not though, our favorite pizza places aren't from chain restaurants, but rather from mom & pop shops!

Why am I talking about where we get pizza from? Well, Trip Advisor recently put out a list of the Best Pizza in Every U.S. State and I want to know if you agree with their picks! Trip Advisor put together this list based off of the places that were getting top reviews which includes overall ratings and the quality and quantity of reviews.

So, according to these results the best pizza in Iowa is... Need Pizzeria in Cedar Rapids! According to reviews, people love the large size of the pizzas and the variety of sauces and toppings on the menu as well as variety of items! Do you agree with this?

For the list of the best pizza place in each state, in case you decide to go on a destination pizza road trip, check it out here.

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