Chance the Rapper’s ongoing mission to help Chicago Public Schools just got even better. On Friday (March 31), Chano announced the creation of the New Chance Arts and Literature Fund, with monies going to support the budget-strapped CPS.

During a press conference at Paul Robeson High School, the Grammy-winning rapper also announced plans to donate $10,000 each to 12 additional CPS schools, in conjunction with his promises to match every $100,000 donated to CPS outside of his organization, reports DNAinfo Chicago.

Chance also announced that the Chicago Bulls had matched his $1 million donation he made to CPS for arts education.

"We know the Illinois education system is one of the most underfunded in the nation, which has forced CPS to make drastic cuts to the classroom," he said. "Students have lost valuable teachers, supplies, access to after school and enrichment programs, especially in the arts and special needs programs."

"I'm committed to helping Chicago students have quality learning experiences in a quality learning space," he continued. "As an artist I know the arts are essential, they teach students valuable lessons."

Overall, Chance has reportedly raised $2.2 million for arts, music and literature programs in the less than a month for CPS, which is a major accomplishment.

Melanie Valerie Beatty-Sevier, who is the principal at Paul Robeson High School, says Chance's charitable efforts is a major boost for students. "For them, it’s like someone cares about us, we aren’t forgotten," she said. "This was good. ... He’s just like them, he’s one of them, from the community, and he’s a graduate of a CPS school.”

Salute to Chance for his altruistic endeavors.

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