Always keep your eyes on the road.

It's a piece of advice we've all heard and wise words that never seemed more timely than they did for a boy on a bike who couldn't stop looking at an on a bus.

While most ads on buses focus on the ho-hum world of lawyers, mortgage brokers and insurance salesmen, this one is definitely different because it's for a strip club and has a rear end plastered on it. And when you're a young kid exposed to, well, this, you're going to notice, even if you don't fully understand what's being peddled (or, in this case, maybe, "pedaled" is the more appropriate word).

Of course, there's a chance -- some may say slim, some may say highly probable -- that this video is fake because, much like the chests of the women who work at strip clubs, phony clips and the Internet go together. In any event, who cares? We can't stop watching. The only different is we're not about to crash into anything.

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