It's nearly time to stock the Halloween candy stash, and this year Iowa has a new preference!

Bag of Candy Corn

In 2017, the state's Halloween candy of choice was Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. This year, they fell to third place behind M&M's and – drumroll – candy corn!

Yes, according to, Iowa consumers have purchased 61,271 over the last 11 years, the most of any candy in the state.

You might remember that last week, we learned that the most used emoji in Iowa is the corn on the cob emoji. This week, candy corn? There definitely seems to be a theme in Iowa. We go with what we know!

In Illinois, candy corn didn't even crack the top three. The leading candy for the state is Kit Kats, followed by Sour Patch Kids and Snickers. What do you think, do you fall in the popular vote?

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