A woman on Reddit shared that she doesn't care if her friend's uninvited dog dies after eating something from her garden during a party.

The woman recently hosted a "big garden party" at her house, where she invited her "entire friend group." She told everyone that "no pets were allowed," but one guest didn't abide by the rule.

"My friend showed up with her dog, I told her that her dog was not welcome in my home or garden. And asked her to please take her dog home or elsewhere. I thought my friend left. I went inside to sort some things out. I went into my garden about 15 minutes later and my friend was standing there in my garden talking to our friends. She doesn’t live that close so I was confused," she wrote via her post on Reddit.

"I went to ask her how she got back so quickly, she told me she just popped in and was going since her dog isn’t welcome. I asked her where her dog is and she shrugged her shoulders and said he was around," the woman continued.

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When the woman finally located the dog, he was in her garden "eating" her crops and "making a mess."

"I was angry and told my friend to get her dog off my property. A few hours later she called me asking me what her dog ate, I had no clue. My gardener plants and attends everything. I told her I didn’t know, but told her he’d made a huge mess, dug things up and clearly eaten things," she recalled.

The woman's friend shouted at her, telling her that her dog was sick and she needed to figure out what he had eaten.

"I told her I had no idea, but I’d text my gardener to ask, but it was really her problem. I did send the text, but my gardener didn’t answer. My friend called again wanting to know what her dog ate, but I told her I still didn’t know. She told me I obviously don’t care if her dog dies and called me an [a--hole]," the woman wrote.

"I still don’t know what her dog ate, but apparently he is very sick and might die. I feel bad, but I told her not to bring her dog on my property so I don’t feel responsible like she says I am," she concluded.

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Reddit users rallied behind the woman in the comments, with many slamming her friend for being a bad pet parent.

"You asked her nicely not to bring the dog but yet she did. You asked her to leave but yet, she didn't. She wasn't even WATCHING her dog. If the dog dies, it's on her," one person wrote.

"I mostly just feel sorry for the dog having such an irresponsible parent. Your yard wasn't dog safe, but you made it pretty clear the dog wasn't welcome. Your friend ignored that, and it is her dog who almost paid the price for it," another commented.

"She obviously doesn't care about her dog either if she's just letting him wander out of sight. You had clearly told her he wasn't allowed, her turn to learn that our choices have consequences," someone else shared.

"You didn't kill her dog. Her selfish recklessness killed her dog. This is entirely her fault, but she's obviously an entitled brat. Why are you friends with her?" another user chimed in.

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