It's pretty obvious when you leave Iowa that you're not in Iowa anymore, right? Generally speaking, we tend to meet someone who will look at us funny when we venture out of state but make reference to something every Iowan gets. Now, Caitlin Clark has become a household name nationwide, so we have that.

But venture into, say, a southern state and try ordering a "pop". You'll get all sorts of confused looks.

You know you're from Iowa when...

There's an amazing Twitter... I mean, X account that's worth a follow. It's called Midwest Vs. Everyone Else.

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If you haven't checked it out, it is Iowa, and the rest of the Midwest, nailed down exactly as we speak, act, and think. There are some highlights that I feel are especially true for Iowa...

Be honest, you'd say the SAME thing if you saw this driveway on someone's timeline, no? I sure would.

They have our language down pretty well, too!

Then there's always an Iowan response to a long road trip that probably should be a flight...

We also all (think) we have the same skill set. As soon as we're told not to drive because the weather is lousy in the winter, what do we do?

The page also details most of our thoughts on certain businesses when we see they're opening a brand new location seemingly in the middle of nowhere...

The account gets us, and so if you haven't already checked 'em out, ope, you totally should!

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