*This Featured Image is a representation of a Pedal Taxi and not an exact replica of a Pedal Power Taxi*

Iowa has grown to be an incredibly popular state for bicycle riders. The ever-popular RAGBRAI has continued to grow over the years and there are numerous biking trails throughout the state. What if you could combine the enjoyment of biking and making a few extra bucks? If you like biking and want to earn money doing it, this could be a really unique and fun way to do it.

A local Iowa company called Pedal Power is looking to add drivers to their pedal taxi service according to KCRG. It appears the owner is willing to pay a pretty good wage for your services as well. Ben Snyder is the owner of Pedal Power and is willing to pay pedal drivers $20 an hour plus tips to join the Pedal Power Team.

Ben spoke to KCRG, and he talked about wanting to get more drivers involved in the company, whether that means being able to pay himself or not.

Honestly, it’s really at the top end of what I can afford and sometimes I am able to pay myself and sometimes I’m not, but it’s a newer business.

$20 an hour plus tips, in my opinion, is a fantastic wage for someone looking for a possible second job, weekend job, or someone who just really loves biking and wants to make money doing it. Obviously, you'll have to deal with the general public and some people might not enjoy that but I think this is a really cool job opportunity Power Pedal is making available.

According to KCRG, Pedal Power currently offers its services in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids. They currently have a staff of 6 and are hoping to add more. Ben realizes they are a little bit short on staff but so are many other people who run a business. He's hoping to add more to his already wonderful team. He told KCRG,

I am really lucky to have the employees that I do because they believe in what we’re doing, they care about people and doing it the right way. I could use some more, certainly. Like everybody else we are short-staffed, but they are wonderful.

Back when I was in college and working part-time jobs I would've done just about anything to make $20 an hour, plus tips. This really does seem like the perfect job for anyone looking to make some extra cash. It isn't all about the money however, maybe you want a job that allows you to get outside and bike around the city.

I have no affiliation with Pedal Power as today is the first time I've ever heard of this company, I just think this is a really unique and fun way to make some extra money. How many jobs can you name that pay $20 an hour, plus tips, and the baseline job requirement is you have to know how to ride a bike?

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