What do NBA players Shaquille O'Neal, Michael Jordan, and Darryl Dawkins all have in common, other than being professional basketball players? They have all shattered a backboard with a monstrous dunk at some point in their careers.

Shaq pretty much made a living ruining rims and backboards while he was in the NBA. This Iowa high schooler from Waukee can now add his name to a pretty impressive list of players who have shattered a backboard. What's in the water in Waukee? You and I could probably use some of it

As Peiffer receives a lob pass from one of his teammates, he reaches for the ball and slams home the alley-oop. The play stands alone as being pretty impressive at the high school level however Peiffer's dunk resulted in the game having to be moved to a smaller gymnasium at the school.

You'll notice in the video he immediately checks himself for broken glass and thankfully none of the players on the court or spectators in the stands were hurt.


As expected the crowd goes nuts after the play. Shattering backboards isn't the rarest thing to happen in basketball but how often do you see this at the high school level? Not very.

Waukee did go on to win the game against Johnston, 62-47. This is 1 of two rarely seen high school dunks coming from the Waukee high school basketball team, in the past 2 weeks. According to Out Kick, Omaha Biliew is a 5-star recruit, who has committed to play for Iowa State, and this senior also threw down an impressive between-the-legs dunk in a game 2 weeks ago.

Whatever these students are eating and drinking in Waukee, I ask that they send some of it our way.

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