Meghan Trainor hit fans with a double dose with two new singles: “Can’t Dance” and “Let You Be Right.”

Both tracks, which made their crash landing Thursday (May 10), carry polar opposite sounds but share similar earworm allure — one, a sexy groove that would tempt even the most two-left-footed to get up and boogie, the other a supercool, bass-laden break up to make up anthem.

Even if you can’t dance just hold my hips / Hold my hips while I roll my hips,” Trainor sings over a steamy bass beat on “Can’t Dance,” coaxing her coy boy interest for a little bit of hands-on fun on the dance floor.

On “Let You Be Right,” the 24-year-old ditches yet another quarrel with her contradicting lover with an ego-stroking chorus (“I don’t wanna fight tonight / I’ma let you be right”) before sending a swift reminder that “We can make up if you just kiss me at the next traffic light.”

The Four judge and singer-songwriter's new bops come just months after the release of “No Excuses,” a #MeToo-inspired anthem which dropped back in March.

Both tunes are expected to feature on Trainor’s forthcoming third studio album, slated later this year.

Listen to "Can't Dance" and "Let You Be Right" above.

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