There has been a lot of pushback with the Summit Pipeline as landowners worry whether or not their land will be taken to build it.

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The longest stretch of the pipeline would go through Iowa, and according to Reuters, Summit Carbon Solutions has secured 20% of that route.

People are worried that eminent domain will be used to give pipeline companies access to the land necessary to complete the project. But these are private not state projects that would be asking to use an eminent domain which opens a whole new can of worms.

Cynthia Hansen, a Shelby County landowner along the Summit pipeline path, said in an Iowa Capital Dispatch article;

If these dangerous pipelines are allowed to use eminent domain, no landowner will be safe from its use by other private companies in the future.

More and more, talk about a moratorium to prevent developers from seeking government help to gain access to land along the route before February 1, 2023, has been gaining traction but some say it’s not enough. Read more…

If build, Iowa would contain 681 miles of the nearly 2,000-mile pipeline. So far, the Summit Pipeline has secured around 136 of those miles in the state- which is around 7 percent of the entire pipeline.

According to Reuters, the company did not disclose how much of the pipeline it has secured in the other four states it will cross: North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Minnesota.

Summit is one of three pipelines private companies are hoping to build in the midwest.

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