Bigfoot Spotted Near New Hampton (Photos)
In a bean field, east of New Hampton, just a few hundred yards south of Highway 24, I noticed a pair of Sasquatches – not moving – apparently startled by my vehicle. I pulled over to quickly and quietly snap a few photos of these majestic creatures.
Is it Bigfoot or a Poodle? (Photo)
Here we go again. Remember back in 2015 when a dress sent the world into meltdown over its color?
Now it appears 2021 may have found its first Optical Illusion.
Is it a poodle running towards the camera? Or a Sasquatch-like creature running away...
Lawmaker Wants to Make a Hunting Season for Bigfoot
A lawmaker in Oklahoma wants to create a hunting season for Bigfoot, complete with licenses and tags.
But before you go and grab your Elephant Gun, this hunting season for the ‘Squatch is NOT to shoot and kill Bigfoot, just trap him.
State Representative Justin Humphrey told The Oklahoman: &ldqu…
A Documentary About Bigfoot Sightings in Iowa
Seth and Jesse Alne founded the Calhoun County Paranormal Investigators, a group that started as Iowa-based ghost hunters in 2005, but recently the brothers & their team have turned their focus on the legendary Bigfoot and whether or not it resides in the Hawkeye State.