If you didn't ever think you would want an otter as a pet... just wait until you read about this.

According to KWWL, the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium recently introduced a cute new addition to the River Museum and it's a female North American River Otter. Now this Otter, whom doesn't have a name yet, has an interesting back story.

In May of 2019, this otter was found in a backyard by a Waterloo person and the otter was an orphan... no mother and only six to seven weeks old. As strange as this is, it was even more odd because this animal is a semiaquatic mammal and is very rarely found in terrains like that. After the little otter was found wildlife rehabilitator, Heather Bedard whom works with the Black Hawk Wildlife Rehabilitation Project, ended up caring for the baby otter in her home. She got it veterinary care, food, and even introduced the otter to the water in her bathtub.

Fast forward to several months later, in September Heather took the otter to Dubuque to join other young otters in a new environment. Once staff at the museum made sure the otter was comfortable and safe, the otter was introduced to the male otter and his habitat to get comfortable. Socialization with the other otters has gone smoothly and the staff at the museum is extremely pleased. Now, you can visit this orphan otter and other otters at the River Museum.

To see some cute pictures of the otters, click here.

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