Nothing can wipe the smile off this guy's face.

Ladies and gentlemen, may we introduce you to Selket Taylor. He's a 27-year-old man who was recently busted after cops in Hampstead, N.H. found marijuana in his car when they stopped him for using his cell phone while driving.

This guy is 100% knucklehead. The booking photo proves it. Who in their right mind would smile in a mug shot like he's a cross between the Joker and Gene Simmons? Of course, he had pot on him, so there's a legit chance he wasn't in his right mind.

And if you don't believe Taylor is pure non-distilled bozo, keep this in mind. The police said, "As a public service announcement -- it is illegal to possess recreational marijuana in New Hampshire, even if you only 'smoke it in Massachusetts.'" We're guessing Taylor tried to use that as an excuse, since Massachusetts allows recreational use of marijuana, which for him, is clearly something to smile about.

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