When I think of Thanksgiving, lots of foods come to mind--turkey, mashed potatoes, my grandma's coleslaw, mac & cheese, cranberry sauce--just not *this* one.

General Mills just released a list of the most popular Thanksgiving food in every state in the country. It's based on the total searches for recipes from November 1st through Thanksgiving last year.

Naturally, most of the top searches involved food that's super unhealthy (and super delicious). Six states--South Dakota, South Carolina, Oklahoma, North Carolina, New Mexico, and New Hampshire--prefer pie more than any other. So what was the top choice for Iowans? Check out the map below:


Iowa searched for monkey bread recipes more than anything else. You could have given me 50 guesses before I'd have picked that! Don't get me wrong...monkey bread is delicious...I just didn't realize it was some kind of Thanksgiving staple. What have I been missing? Click HERE for the complete list.

What has to be part of your Thanksgiving feast? Comment below and share.

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