There's an upside and a downside to every season right? Winter is super pretty, but the air also hurts your face. With Spring and Summer, it's generally warmer, but your allergies kick into high gear.

So here's the good news; your allergies should start getting a little bit better in the coming days. According to KWQC, ragweed season is finally starting to wind down. They report that the ragweed count is on the low end to start this week, and "since it is now past peak season and with recent and upcoming rain he is declaring this the end of ragweed season 2019."

"He" of course is Dr. Blaser, an allergist. My mom always told me to listen to my doctor, and I'm pretty positive an allergist is a type of doctor, so I have 100% faith in Dr. Blaser.

This begs the question though; if allergy season is over, can we count September as Fall? Or is it still just "late Summer?"

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