Traffic Cameras In Iowa Could Get Banned
There is currently another episode in the long and convoluted drama of banning traffic cameras in Iowa. One Republican Senator has been behind this push to get rid of these cameras. Senator Brad Zaun of Urbandale is continuing this decade long attempt to outlaw cameras for speeding and red lights.
Three Drunk Drivers All Crash Into Each Other
Three cars driven by drunk drivers crashed into each other in Wisconsin early Sunday morning, according to the Mount Pleasant Police Department.
At around 2:45 a.m. Sunday, an F250 pickup truck drifted across lanes, heading straight for SUV...
Cheetos Residue Leads to Arrest
A woman in Oklahoma is facing a burglary charge after she pried off a window screen and climbed into a home but left without taking anything, but she left something behind that followed her...
Responding officers found a bag of Cheetos on the floor near the broken window, and believe the woman droppe…

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