Food. It bonds all Iowans, right? We have our own unique tastes like pork tenderloin. A staple at many Cedar Valley eateries, but not to much elsewhere. We also love the staples, though. A good steak, a delicious and hearty breakfast, deep fried... anything, tacos, beer, etc. So, I have compiled a list of 7 area restaurants I feel should be franchised nationwide. Now, I know there's more. Ones I missed. Ones I will be accused of snubbing. But it could be because it slipped my mind, or worse yet, I haven't been there. So please - give me your thoughts and opinions, too!

Ready to get hungry? Let's dig in! Oh, and special thanks to Chris Owen at our sister station WYRK in Buffalo, New York for the idea.

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7 Cedar Valley Restaurants That Should Be Franchised Nationwide


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