If you have an astronomy lover in your home as I do, then June will be another fun month for viewing the moon! My daughter Carly and I had fun taking bad pictures of this year's lunar eclipse. This week, the moon will be much easier to see as a Strawberry supermoon is on the way!

A Strawberry full moon is a full moon that takes place in the month of June. KWWL reports that the name comes from Indigenous people who saw the full moon as a sign that strawberries and other fruits were ready to be harvested. This month's strawberry moon is also the first of two consecutive super moons. A super moon is a full moon that appears brighter and larger than other full moons due to the moon's close orbit to the earth.

So when will be the peak time to see this year's strawberry moon? KWWL reports that the moon will be full from Sunday moonrise to Wednesday moonset. It will reach its peak at 7:52 a.m. ET on Tuesday but won't be fully visible in North America until the moonrise. The best time to view this strawberry super moon is either when the moon is rising or setting. That is when it appears largest to the naked eye.

There will be six more full moons in 2022. Here is when they are and what they're named after!

  • July 13 - Buck moon
  • August 11 - Sturgeon moon
  • September 10 - Harvest moon
  • October 9 - Hunter's moon
  • November 8 - Beaver moon
  • December 7 - Cold moon

Get your cameras and phones ready. This full moon should be easy to see! If you really want to raise your moon gazing game, check out this amazing conservatory right here in Iowa!

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