Azealia Banks' performance at a Florida Pride event ended early after the rapper left the stage following a rant.

The "Anna Wintour" hit-maker was set to headline a night of Wynwood Pride, according to the Miami Herald. Her set started around 3 a.m., well after she was expected to take the stage. It ended shortly thereafter.

About four songs into her performance, Banks — who took the stage with her breasts exposed — went on a rant about her experience with the organizers.

"For the last good, like, month and a half, I've just been being f---ed with. I've been being f---ed around with, you know," she said. She added that there were issues about her headlining and that her set time was moved around.

"I'm really not happy to be here," she said with a laugh. "I'm so unhappy to be here. But what did the fans ever do? What did you guys ever do, right? I'm trying, y'all."

Banks' mic was cut, according to People. After that, she threw it into the audience and left the stage. In a video, it appears that a disgruntled fan threw a drink, and boos can be heard from the audience.

Watch footage from the moment below:

The "212" star took to Twitter to share her thoughts about the interrupted set.

"Wynwood Pride was way too ghetto. I had to bounce," she tweeted, according to People. Aside from complaints about her set time, she also voiced issues with the use of dry ice onstage. She said that she is "EXTREMELY allergic" to the product and that she was suffering side effects from an allergic reaction.

She described her experience with organizers as "extreme unprofessionality," according to the Miami Herald.

"I should have done something at West Palm Beach Pride because somebody tío with the ashy feet and braided sandals def cooked up some Molotov dry ice. I have the biggest headache ever rn. Wow," she added.

Banks' Twitter account has since been suspended so the tweets are currently inaccessible.

Ahead of her performance, the Miami New Times noted that she was a controversial choice for a Pride event due to past controversial homophobic and transphobic statements she's made.

The event's organizers defended her online and expressed hopes that she could redeem herself.

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