Residents of Iowa, more specifically the Corridor, are about to experience their first trip to Ollie's!

Ollie's Bargain Outlet is about to open its first Iowa location! According to an announcement on the Iowa City Marketplace Facebook page, Ollie's will open in Iowa City sometime in 2023. For those wondering where the Iowa City Marketplace is located, the address is 1660 Sycamore Street and features stores like JoAnn, Dollar Tree, Planet Fitness, and Panera Bread. Soon, you'll see a picture of Ollie and all his bargains too!

So what exactly is Ollie's? I'm glad you asked because I've never been to one either! Their website says that Ollie's is the nation's largest retailer of closeout merchandise and excess inventory. They have 465 retail locations in the U.S. and sell everything under the sun. The site says that you'll find everything from housewares to sporting goods, to flooring, and even food! Ollie's looks for overstocks, closeouts, refurbished goods, irregulars, and more. Real brands, real bargains!

Their ads say that Ollie's has it all, but judging by the above video, they very well just might! As we mentioned, this will be the first Iowa location for Ollie's. Right now if you have the urge to do some bargain shopping, you'd have to travel to one of their locations in Illinois, or to one of their two locations in the Kansas City area. As soon as we find out an opening date for the Iowa City location, we'll pass it on!

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