It's always fun when you're watching Jeopardy! and an question involving the state of Iowa pops up. It's less fun when you get the answer wrong...

Using the website J-Archive, we put together a little quiz with questions from Jeopardy! that somehow relate to the state of Iowa. Some are incredibly obvious, but others might give you some trouble! Here are the 20 questions we selected (scroll down to see the answers):

  1. This brotherly duo of "Bye Bye Love" fame got their start singing on Iowa radio stations
  2. Waterloo, Iowa is the seat of this county named for a military leader of the Sauk people
  3. Led by 125-pound Spencer Lee, in 2021 the Iowa Hawkeyes captured their 24th NCAA title in this sport of reversals & falls
  4. In a tale set in small-town Iowa, Peter Hedges asked, "What's eating" this guy
  5. Fat pigs & fried brownies are featured at this, the biggest annual event in Iowa
  6. In 1947 this Iowa company introduced its DeepFreeze Upright freezer
  7.  Filmed partly in tornado-prone Iowa, this 1996 film starred Helen Hunt & Bill Paxton
  8. In Eldon, Iowa you can visit the house that inspired this classic "American" painting by Grant Wood
  9.  In 1873 near Adair, Iowa, this outlaw & his gang hit the Rock Island line in the "first train robbery in the West"
  10.  With lovely crystals inside, it's Iowa's state rock
  11. This company's Harvester Works are in Illinois; its Tractor Cab assembly is in Iowa
  12. George Reeves from Woolstock, Iowa was a trained boxer & in 1952 became the first actor to play this character on TV
  13. Roseman & Hogback are but 2 covered bridges in this county, the "Covered Bridge Capital of Iowa"
  14. Since 1911, the Iowa State Fair has featured one of these sculpted from 600 pounds of pure cream butter
  15. A city in Iowa, or a type of sofa
  16. Not to be confused with the Hurricanes, these teams take the field for Iowa State
  17. Before he & his bros. bought the Barnum & Bailey Circus in 1907, John of this last name was born in 1866 in McGregor, Iowa
  18. In this film when asked, "Is this heaven?", Kevin Costner answers, "It's Iowa"
  19. His Presidential Library & Museum is located in West Branch, Iowa
  20. A new tradition in 2017--at the end of the 1st quarter, Hawkeye fans at this U. turn & wave at Children's Hospital patients


Are you ready for the answers?


How many do you think you got right?


You're about to find out!


I hope you did well!


(This is me trying to make enough space between the questions and answers so you can't accidentally cheat)


Ok, here you go:

  1. Everly Brothers
  2. Black Hawk
  3. Wrestling
  4. Gilbert Grape
  5. State Fair
  6. Amana
  7. Twister
  8. American Gothic
  9. Jesse James
  10. Geode
  11. John Deere
  12. Superman
  13. Madison County
  14. Cow
  15. Davenport
  16. Cyclones
  17. Ringling
  18. Field of Dreams
  19. Herbert Hoover
  20. University of Iowa

What's your official score? Let us know in the comments!

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