Waterloo Millionaire Died On Titanic
Official documents report Douglas and his family lived in Cedar Rapids. This Waterloo native became known as a "captain of industry" in Cedar Rapids due to him amassing approximately $4 million dollars. In 1912, Douglas retired and made a trip to Europe with his wife Mahala and their maid …
See the Annual Lyrid Meteor Shower This Month
The annual Lyrid meteor shower is happening now and expected to peak April 22-23.
The Lyrids are active each year from about April 16 to 25. says that meteor activity should pick up April 19th before peaking on Friday.
But patience is key with the Lyrids...
Florida Man Jumps Drawbridge in Hyundai Santa Fe (VIDEO)
Bo and Luke Duke are at it again. But this wasn’t in Hazzard County, Georgia, and wasn’t performed in the General Lee. This bridge jumping happened in Lake Mary, Florida, in a Hyundai Santa Fe.
On Monday morning, around 8:00, the “Not a Good Time to Drive on the Drawbridge” gates were down on both si…

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