There are lots of awesome restaurants here in Cedar Rapids, but there are some places I tend to visit more than others!

I discovered a lot of the restaurants on this list because of proximity. Most of these places are close to my work, my home, or my gym. Some of the others are restaurants on DoorDash that I can conveniently order from my couch. Here are ten of the local places I visit the most often at this point in time:

Gianna's Italian Beef

I've been visiting Gianna's Italian Beef since it first opened its doors in 2018. Since it's located right down the street from the radio station, it makes for a quick stop on my way home from work! Plus, I'm pretty sure they have the best fries in town. I'm also a huge fan of the Grilled Chicken Sandwich and the Chicago Dog. Everything I've ever ordered has been great!

O's Grill

I never get sick of the food from O's Grill. Ever. I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing that its located on my side of town! My go-to order is the Chicken Bowl, but the Classic Gyro definitely comes in second place. Oh, and if you spot the truck at the Cedar Rapids Downtown Farmers Market, get yourself a Breakfast Wrap. I have to get one every single market!

The Blind Pig

Everyone that knows me knows that my favorite food is nachos, and the nachos at the Blind Pig are some of my favorites in town! I order them so often that, one time when I called to place an order and gave the server my name, she already knew what I was going to say. I'm also a big fan of the wings and the burgers. Plus, it's my go-to place for Friday night karaoke!

Cellar 19 Wine & Deli

Cellar 19 is another restaurant that is located dangerously close to my work. In fact, it's actually IN our building! I typically grab lunch once or twice a week, and my favorite things to order include the Cellar Cobb Salad, Pug's Turkey & Avocado Sandwich, the Pepper Jack BLT, and Jay's Gouda. And I always order the macaroni salad as my side. Trust me.

Lucky's on 16th

We've been to Lucky's in the Czech Village for Listener Lunch a ton of times, but it's also a place I enjoy going with friends on my own time. Why? Because of all day breakfast! The skillets, the Benedict Flight, the Red Velvet French Toast, the pancakes the size of your head... no matter what you order, it's delicious. But, don't forget about the lunch/dinner menu. You can load your mac & cheese up with any toppings that you want!

Bushwood Sports Bar & Grill

Bushwood isn't really close to my home or my work, but it IS available on DoorDash, which is why I order from there so often. Not surprisingly, I get the nachos 99% of the time. I know they have other great options, like the pizza, but I'm addicted to the nachos. A half order is enough for two meals, so why would I need to get anything else?!

Midtown Station

You know what's convenient? Getting in a good workout and then walking directly behind the gym for some good food. That's one of the reasons Midtown Station is one of my most frequented restaurants. The all-day breakfast is always a good option, but my favorite orders are the GCBT, the Firehouse Chicken Sandwich, and the wontons.

Need Pizza

You can't go wrong with Need Pizza in Downtown Cedar Rapids. It's affordable, it's delicious, and it's consistent! Their large pizzas are absolutely massive, and I love that they have some interesting topping options, like mashed potatoes! Plus, how can you not love a place with a late-night pizza window?

Tommy's Restaurant

I've never actually step foot in Tommy's Restaurant, but it has become my go-to for breakfast on Sundays via DoorDash. I typically get the Corned Beef Hash or the Denver Omelette, always with a side of hashbrowns and a side of bacon. I have yet to be disappointed!

Sally's on Broadway

I know Sally's isn't technically in Cedar Rapids, but I'm including it on my list because it's the restaurant my friends and I travel to for brunch the most. Anybody that's been to Sally's in Springville knows that the brunch buffet on Sundays has everything you could ever want. That's why it's also one of the places I bring friends and family when they visit from out of town. I just KNOW they will find something they like! I don't think anybody has ever left Sally's hungry.

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There are lots of awesome restaurants here in Cedar Rapids, but there are some places I tend to visit more than others! Here are 10 of those places.

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