There’s no one quite like David Lynch. His creative life is an enigma, filled with things that we may never truly understand. The auteur has taken to posting daily “Weather Reports” to his YouTube channel David Lynch Theater, in which he quite literally tells us the weather in Los Angeles that day. Typically, the clips run less than a minute in length. He notes the date, gives us a short rundown of the sky outside, a temperature forecast, and then signs off. Nothing really happens in these weather reports, and yet they’re addicting to watch.

His report for June 3, however, was slightly different. He started off by noting the day’s “beautiful blue skies” and “golden sunshine coming.” After his customary “Have a great day, everyone!” Lynch steps away from the camera to operate what sounds like a buzz saw, revealing the full message of the poster behind him: “Black Lives Matter. Peace. Justice. No Fear.”

The minute and a half-long clip encapsulates what so many of us love about Lynch — his ability to say so much with so little. In contrast to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s eight-minute Instagram monologue, Lynch’s message is definitely less verbose. Some might argue that the message is too simple. But there’s something haunting about the way the camera unwaveringly rests on the simple black-and-white sign. No words necessary. Still, we’d like to know what Lynch is up to with that buzz saw. That would be nice.

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