Chance the Rapper and Eminem met for the first time while cutting promos for their upcoming Saturday Night Live appearance this weekend.

In the clip above, Shady, Chano and SNL cast member Leslie Jones are having way too much fun teasing each other. In one segment, Chance asks Em why he wouldn’t rap battle against Jones. The answer may surprise you.

In the second, Jones reveals that she’s been having naughty dreams about Chance and Em...and no they weren’t knitting. Finally, Eminem helps Chance pick a new rap name since Em is going to be rapping and Chance is "the host" and not "the rapper."

“How about Chance Encounter?” asks Em, with Jones chiming in, "or Chance the Hottie.”

Chano didn't appear to like any of the new names but Em's pick of “Chancer The Dancer” sounds like a winner. We kid, of course.

You can catch Chance the Rapper hosting SNL with musical guest Eminem this Saturday on NBC at 11:30PM ET.

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