As the great Socrates once said, "the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." Or what about this random quote I found on the internet about trying something new "never be afraid to try something new because life gets boring." I tried combining knowing nothing, trying something new, and trying something 5 months old, all at the same time.

Like many Iowans, I'm a Busch Light fan. I once wrote an article many people loved (hated) about how I don't mind drinking Busch Light at room temperature. Well, yesterday I tried a Busch Light that has been through some tough times these past 5 months.

A co-worker drove a bunch of friends and me to Iowa Irish fest in early August and not knowing what the plans were afterward, I brought a couple of beers with me, just in case we ended up at some party and didn't make it to a beer store. It's always better to be over-prepared in these situations if you ask me. I happened to forget one of these beers in her car when we all got back home and how this beer lasted this long, I have no idea.

It's HOT in August. Cars can reach temperatures of 110 degrees while they sit in the sun. Here this beer sat in the trunk of her car, soaking up all that sunny warmth. In some cases, a canned drink can explode in a car if it's extremely hot. It has something to do with the heat creating pressure in the container. This story is about the little Busch Light that could.

The Great Story Of The Little Busch Light That Could

As the beer sat from the beginning of August to the end of December, it explored everything the temperature could throw at it. From likely being close to 100 degrees at some point, all to when it froze sometime this past December. Did you know canned beer can also explode in freezing temperatures as well?

*Life Tip* Set a timer if you throw beer in your freezer to try and get it cold faster. I've forgotten beers in a freezer before and you find out pretty quickly how to clean a freezer when a beer explodes inside of it.

As Christmas arrived, this co-worker gave me back this Busch Light as a Christmas present. Pretty funny idea and I appreciated it all the same. The problem was, the day she gave it to me I couldn't crack it open, as it had turned into a beersicle. It was completely frozen, so even if I wanted to drink it, I couldn't. How has this beer survived all of the elements for this long?

If this beer I forgot in my co-worker's car could make it for 5 months, throughout all kinds of weather diversity, I owed it to this little Busch Light that could, a chance to drink it. That's all any Busch Light wants in this world. Is to be enjoyed by a thirsty companion... or someone who's trying to party but this isn't that kind of story.

If you ever find yourself in this situation and you put a Busch Light through the wringer, it's your job too well, finish the job. It actually didn't taste nearly as bad as you'd think.


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