Even though we had some rain over this past weekend which included an EF-0 tornado, we're still experiencing drought conditions in Iowa and Illinois. These conditions are not ideal for our plants and especially our lawns turning them a dead-brown color.

Eventually, we'll get back to the point where you can cut your grass in Iowa and in the Quad Cities. When you do mow, you need to remember there is a wrong way to cut your grass. This wrong way puts grass clippings in a spot that is dangerous for others and could get you in trouble.

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If you blow your grass clippings onto the roads and streets of Iowa, you could be subject to a fine. Plus, you're creating dangerous roads for everyone, especially motorcyclists and bicyclists.

It's Illegal To Blow Grass Clippings On Roads In Iowa

Last week, we told you how it's illegal across the state of Illinois to blow grass clippings onto roadways. It's all part of the Illinois Litter Control Act. If caught in Illinois, the cheapest fine you could face is $50.

On the Iowa side of the Quad Cities, it's also illegal in most counties and municipalities to blow grass clippings onto the streets. Not only is it illegal it's dangerous too.

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Blowing grass clippings on the road and streets in Davenport is in violation of the Clean Water Act and City Code, Chapter 8.14.400. Fines for blowing grass into roadways range from $100-$250. It's also against City Code in Bettendorf to blow leaves and grass clippings onto the roads.

Why It's Bad To Blow Grass Clippings In The Streets

There are a few reasons why laws are in place for people to not blow grass clippings in the street. The Davenport Public Works Department put up a social media post in May giving us the exact reasons why.

Blow grass clippings in the streets can:

  • Clog sewer drains
  • Grass can enter waterways causing water pollution
  • Make your neighborhood look terrible
  • Wet grass makes roads slick for motorcyclists and bicyclists

How To Prevent Grass Clippings From Getting In The Road

There are a few options to prevent grass from getting in the roadways and save you from getting in trouble. Those options include:

  • Bag grass clippings
  • Position the mower to blow clippings onto your property
  • Sweep/blow grass clippings that make it to the street back onto your property
  • Pick up and properly dispose of grass clippings
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After you're done mowing, take your leaf blower and walk along the curb to blow the grass clippings you may have accidentally blown on the road back into your yard.

Be a good neighbor and great mower this summer by following these tips.

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