There are only 3 states in the entire country that have zero laws regarding this possible life-saving device. The laws regarding this device do vary from state to state and in some states, there are only requirements, depending on your age. Should Iowa implement some type of law regarding this device? Probably...but I'm not very big on telling people how to live their lives.

As long as what someone is doing isn't hurting or endangering themselves or and let live is what I always say. I just thought this was pretty interesting in the state of Iowa.

Unsplash - Michael Odelberth
Unsplash - Michael Odelberth

The state of Iowa, Illinois, and New Hampshire are the only 3 states throughout the entire country that have no laws regarding motorcycle helmets, according to Wise Voter. There are 29 states that have a helmet law, which is dependent on your age, and there are 18 states that require helmets for all riders, regardless of age.

Wise Voter
Wise Voter

I'm not going to go over the gigantic list of reasons to wear a helmet if you ride a motorcycle. Everyone knows they can help save your life, prevent live changing brain damage, and certain helmets can help protect your face.

According to Joye Law Firm, wearing a helmet can reduce your risk of head injury by 69% and reduce the risk of death by 42%. If after all the data that has come out on how helmets can help save your life and you choose to not wear one, that's a personal choice and none of my business.

Crossing Into A State With A Helmet Law?

According to Steel Horse Law, if you cross into a state that has some kind of helmet law, you are required to follow that law. Most of the states that require all riders to wear a helmet are on the east and west coasts but there is a state directly to the west of Iowa that requires all riders to have a helmet on.

If you're planning on going on a big motorcycle road trip and part of your trip takes you through Nebraska, you'll need to have a helmet on, no matter how young/old you are. Nebraska is the only state in the "Midwest" that has a universal helmet law.

I found this pretty interesting that there are only 3 states that have no laws in regard to motorcycle helmets and the Hawkeye state happens to be one of them. If that question ever pops up when you're at your next trivia night, now you'll know the answer.

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