Iowa's Little League World Series team is fun to watch. And their next game is in prime time on ESPN.

Back at the end of July, Southeast Little League captured the Iowa Little League Championship. The 12-and under Little League All-Star team from Davenport defeated Kansas and Wisconsin in the Midwest Region tournament before a 3-1 loss to Missouri. However, they bounced right back with a 3-2 win over North Dakota. They then avenged their loss to Missouri, 4-3, on Friday, August 12, to advance to the Little League World Series. It's the first time Southeast Little League has had a team in the Little League World Series since 1975.

The runs have kept coming for Southeast ("Midwest" in the Little League World Series) in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. It all started with a heartbreaking 8-7 loss to Great Lakes Region. Midwest took a 1-run lead in the first inning that day. Unfortunately, Great Lakes scored 7 runs in their first two at-bats. Midwest battled back and tied the game in the 4th before losing in the bottom of the 6th.

I've caught their last couple of games and Midwest (Iowa) can really hit the ball. They knocked off Northwest Region 6-3 on Saturday. They followed that up with a 10-2 walloping of Mountain Region Sunday morning. Midwest scored 3 runs in the top of the first inning in both of those games.

Oh, they can play defense too. Check out this throw from left field to nail the runner at home plate during yesterday's game.

Iowa (Midwest) has a long wait before they play again. Due to some weather in Pennsylvania on Sunday, Iowa (Midwest) won't play again until 6 p.m. (Iowa time) Tuesday night. The game will be televised by ESPN and will feature Midwest (Iowa) versus the team from the Southwest Region. They were defeated by the West Region 6-0 Monday night, their first loss of the tournament.

If Iowa (Midwest) can win Tuesday night, they'll play Wednesday night at the same time against the winner of the game between Great Lakes and Mid-Atlantic.

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