It seems like most things are getting bigger and bigger these days. TVs, phone screens, and me during the COVID pandemic (working on that now that we're past it). But what about homes?

Well, when it comes to a house, does everyone truly need a really big one? A jumbo-sized home isn't for everyone or every couple. But, do you think you could live in a 506-square-foot house? If so, I think I found your dream home! Sadly, it's not on the market right now, but that could always change.

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Located in Waterloo, this puppy is actually not on the market right now. It's estimated to be valued at $43,500. It has great wooden floors and charm. Built in 1928, this home could be a great first home for a bachelor or young couple or an avid fan of the TV show 'Tiny House Nation. Wanna see it? Take a look below, and see the full listing here on

Before we jump in, here are the full stats on this tiny house:

  • 506 sq. feet
  • One car garage
  • Built-in 1928
  • The estimated value is 43,500
  • 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom
  • Last sold in 2020
  • Located in Waterloo

Now in case you're wondering since I've thrown around the term "tiny house" if this is actually a tiny house, the answer is yes. Technically anything under 600 sq. feet is considered a tiny house according to CNBC.

Let's take a look around the outside and inside of our Waterloo tiny house, shall we? I'd love to know what you think of this tiny home.

Could You Live in a 500 Sq. Foot Home?

Even though the home only clocks in at 500 sq. feet, there's still a lot to love here.

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