First off, most all beers are good. Maybe not great, but good. Craft ber, however, IS great. In fact, you can go get a couple of FREE tickets to our 7th annual Beer Summit and try some. Enter and win after you finish reading this!

And now for my beer with Zippia. I take issue with your silly new study. According to your research, Iowa's favorite beer is Budweiser. That's just... wrong. It is. If we're going strictly by domestic, widely available brews, it's Busch Light, Michelob Ultra or maybe Coors Light or Bud Light. Heck, I see more Cedar Valley residents drink Miller Lite than Budweiser or 'Bud Heavy'. The proof isn't just in the fact I live and consume alcohol in Iowa, it's because I pay attention and don't rely on silly, lazy methods for mining my data.

So since I called 'em out, let's get into how Zippia came to its errant conclusion. They say they looked at the 70 most popular beers. Though, they fail to identify any other than the ones that 'won' each state's love as favorite. After they supposedly looked at the top 70, they ventured over to Google search data to find the most searched for beers. Then I guess they narrowed it down to the top 10... But here's where I take issue: it's just Google searches... Budweiser is part of Anheuser-Busch which is the same company as Budweiser, Busch Light, Bud Light, Mich Ultra... so who's to say Iowans are looking for info on the red canned King of Beers?

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The joke for about a decade has been Busch Light or, Busch Latte's, are Iowa water. Popular satire company Raygun has shirts that poke fun at our love for the beer. Ugh. Frustrating. Another study that did no actual homework. By the way, these 'experts' say Budweiser won 27 states including Wisconsin, AKA Miller County. In their findings, Zippia did mention that Wisconsin searches for beer on Google a lot. At least they likely go THAT right.

See what all states picked here. Assuming you put any stock in these findings. Just for the record though, I normally love Zippia's stuff.

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