If you didn't already know, now you know: Jelly Roll is serious about his commitment to personal evolution and growth.

He has raised money to fund a recording studio for the same juvenile detention center where he was once incarcerated, played special shows at prisons and rehab facilities and is currently heading up a massive holiday season toy drive in middle Tennessee. Jelly's laser-focused on changing lives for the better when it comes to his music, too. Songs like "She," "Save Me" and "Son of a Sinner" speak for those struggling with addiction, poverty and loneliness, who may not always feel represented in country music.

From his days in prison on drug-related charges to his current position at the forefront of country music stardom, Jelly has continuously proved that investing in your own future is always worth it. Earlier this week, Jelly made a stop on Comedy Central's The Daily Show, where guest host Charlamagne tha God asked him about the specifics of his self-work.

"Take the time to love myself. Learning to listen to myself. Working," the singer replied. "...I go to therapy. I take it very seriously."

Jelly describes himself as an "old-school Southern man," emphasizing that his relationship with God and faith is also a key part of his evolution. "I'm just really rooted in my faith, my belief that -- more than anything, I search for purpose," he continues.

But the singer doesn't see therapy and "old-school Southern" religion as two concepts that are at odds. "I believe in God and therapy. I believe in the universe," he reflects. "Hey, listen, if you convince me that because you're an Aquarius, we get along, I'm in. I am extremely open-minded in my old age.

"I quit searching to be happy and I started searching to be useful, and that's when everything changed for me, because to me, I wanna be a man of service. I wanna help people," Jelly continues.

"I feel like I'm a voice for the voiceless, and I speak for a group of people that never have been properly spoken for, and I take that very serious," he points out. "And it gives me a lot of purpose, man. I'm finding purpose in life, and it's really cool."

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