Country fans got a major surprise on Wednesday (Dec. 20) when Drake dropped the music video for his song, "You Broke My Heart" — featuring a cameo from Morgan Wallen. Actually, Wallen's appearance is only the first in a series of shocking twists and turns.

The "Last Night" star plays a major role in the music video — even though his scenes are all over within the first two minutes of the six-minute clip.

The video opens with a shot of Wallen and drink clinking glasses as they finish up a fancy dinner together. From their conversation, it's clear that Drake just ended a relationship with someone — and his country star buddy is thrilled he's cut ties with this particular ex.

"Tell me. I know you wanna say it," Drake says, as Wallen grins at him. "I didn't like her," Wallen confesses. "Yeah. I know," the rapper replies.

"I think she might have been the wrong girl anyway," Wallen goes on to say, as the pair dissolve into giggles and take turns softly singing, "I'm kinda glad she gone" to each other. From there, they take final swigs of their drinks, and Wallen shapes his hands into pretend binoculars, as he and Drake get ready to head out on the town for a night of scoping out girls together. Finally, they head across the street and hop in Drake's car.

Unfortunately for the pair of buddies, though, the rest of their night wasn't meant to be. As they drive off, the silhouettes of two women step into the shot, and one detonates a bomb that sends the car — containing Drake and Wallen — up in a fiery blaze, presumably killing them both instantly.

By the time the action of the song really kicks off, the music video has already killed off two superstars — including the artist who recorded the song! It's quite the plot twist, but surely satisfying for fans who thought Drake and Wallen were gloating just a little too much about Drake's newfound single status. For the rest of the video, the two women — played by Grace Matthews and Taylor Morris, according to Rolling Stone — dance through the streets until they're finally cornered by police officers next to the blazing car.

Though Wallen's Drake collab came as a big surprise, he's got some experience working with hip hop artists in the past. He shared the stage with Post Malone for a Joe Diffie tribute at the 2023 CMA Awards, and back in 2021, he teamed up with rapper Lil Durk for a duet called "Broadway Girls."

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