Alicia Keys was a welcome surprise guest during Usher's energetic 2024 Super Bowl Halftime Show set, even if her vocal performance left some viewers underwhelmed.

Alicia came out onstage after Usher concluded his song "Love in this Club," which then segued into Alicia's song "If I Ain't Got You" as she played the piano.

However, as Alicia let loose the first note of the song, many noticed her voice suffered a sharp crack during the word "some."

Thankfully, she recovered quickly and, aside from a few more minor vocal cracks during the performance, ultimately sounded great as she sang her heart out alongside her longtime friend.

However, while almost everyone who watched the Halftime Show live remembers the momentary, wince-inducing vocal flub, it seems the NFL would rather we all just forget it ever happened.

Case in point? The NFL's official Halftime Show YouTube video is suspiciously missing the wonky note in Alicia's performance (her segment begins around the 3:50 mark), as the footage seems to have been edited.

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Not even one of the biggest sports organizations in the world can gaslight the fans, though.

On social media, many who tuned in last night are pointing out how the NFL has edited Alicia's voice in their official Halftime Show video.

"They really fixed the Alicia Keys voice crack for YouTube," one person wrote on X (formerly Twitter) alongside a clip.

"Omggggg I watched the YouTube version first and told my friend it was perfect and now everybody’s posting the real thing," someone else shared.

"The NFL posted the Halftime Show on their YouTube channel and they edited Alicia Keys' voice cracks," another viewer wrote.

"Yo I think they edited Alicia Keys' voice in her segment," someone else tweeted.

"Last night Alicia Keys' voice cracked (first video), and fascinatingly, the official NFL YouTube channel appears to be attempting to erase that little moment, having edited it out in their upload (second video)," another user wrote, sharing videos comparing the footage.

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