Perceptive fans have found a coincidental past connection between a young Sabrina Carpenter and Taylor Swift's new album.

In a clip from Girl Meets World, a spin-off of Boy Meets World that aired from 2014 to 2017, Carpenter ironically mentioned "tortured poets."

"Was she all tortured poet wanderer female-you type?" Carpenter's character Maya said.

A fan posted the clip as a Reel and joked, "GUYS!!!!! Sabrina called Taylor Swift's new album in 2014. Glad Taylor shortened it a bit."

"Sabrina Carpenter we know you know everything," they added.

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Carpenter seemingly became a member of Swift's inner circle after opening for the singer on her Eras Tour in Mexico, South America, Australia, and Singapore.

Fans reacted to the alleged prediction in the comments of the Reel video.

"It’s possible that’s why she named the album that. Her songs and names of things all have meaning. Her and Sabrina are friends," one person commented.

"I think the 'prediction' was more than just the tortured poet reference. That’s why it’s cool. It’s definitely not a dig," another fan wrote in the comments.

"Y’all saying Taylor didn’t invent 'tortured poet,' no one is saying she did," someone else said in defense of the joke.

"It's a joke y'all, lighten up. It's funny because of how close Taylor and Sabrina are," another person added.

"Why is everyone assuming this clip is suggesting that Taylor invented the phrase? Only reason it’s funny is because Sabrina is a fan of Taylor Swift," someone else agreed.

In fact, Carpenter manifested her big moment opening for Swift as far back as 2008 when she covered the former country singer's song "White Horse" at nine years old.

She went on to cover more Swift songs like "Picture to Burn" and even tweeted about her experience at a Taylor Swift concert in 2010.

"The Taylor Swift concert was amazing, had so much fun I cant wait to have a world tour someday like hers! lol with 2 sold out shows!!!!!" Carpenter tweeted at the time.

Carpenter went on to develop a successful music career of her own that's still growing, and ended up finally meeting Swift in 2017 before she later became her tour opener in 2023.

Talk about manifestation. Maybe she really did predict The Tortured Poets Department all those years ago.

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