It’s almost been a month since Labor Day and three rodeo bulls are still on the run.

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Over Labor Day weekend, five bulls escaped from the rodeo in Fonda. Of the five escape artists, two have been caught and the other three remain on the run.

As farmers start cutting down their corn, the hunt for the runaway cows could come to an end.

Since the bulls escaped, they have been spotted between Fonda and Pomeroy, two communities that are located ten miles apart.

So why haven’t the bulls been caught already? Well, there are a few reasons says Louis Stauter, the head of the rodeo in a KCCI article.

You could even take a drone and fly over a field, and you wouldn’t see them because they lay down in the daytime usually and roam at night,"

And then there is also the matter of corralling the 1,800-pound animals.

The bulls escaped from a rodeo pen on September 3rd after the pen failed to secure the bulls. When the bulls first escaped, there wasn’t much that could be done since the corn was still standing tall.

Now that farmers are starting the harvest process, Stauter is hopeful the bulls will turn up. As the corn gets chopped, there will be fewer places for the bulls to hide.

In an article in the Storm Lake Times Pilot, Pocahontas County Sheriff Steve Nelson recommends that people avoid the animals if they spot them. The rodeo bulls were bred to buck and can be aggressive.

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