How an Iowa Goose Found Love After Loss – A Tale of Hope!

Finding love in 2024 isn't easy.

You either have to get out there and meet people, be set up on a blind date by friends, or sign up for dating apps.

Us single people are fighting for our lives out here!

Well, one story involving the most unexpected creatures might singlehandedly restore your faith in love!

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Meet Blossom

Blossom is the resident goose at Riverside Cemetery in Marshalltown.

Yes, this beautiful love story is about a goose, keep up!

Her mate, Bud, passed away in August of 2022. In the months following his death, staff at the cemetery noticed a profound change in Blossom, according to reports.

They reported that she would be staring at her reflection in windows and tombstones.

Blossom was lonely...

Geese mate for life, and Blossom's longtime mate Bud was killed earlier that year by a wild animal, according to reports.

She even would waddle closer to the cemetery's front office to seek out some company.

So, like many singles in the 21st century, Blossom had a go at online dating.

The general manager of Riverside Cemetery, Dorie Tammen, put out a personal ad in February of 2023.

It started out pretty strong with,

"Lonely, widowed domestic goose seeks life partner for companionship and occasional shenanigans."

Luckily, the call was answered by Deb and Randy Hoyt. The couple were planning on retiring and moving. They couldn't bring their male widower goose with them.

His name is Frankie and the two went on their "first date" on Valentine's Day 2023.

This epic second chance romance received a whole lot of international attention. Videos retelling the tale are all across social media.

Proving that love, no matter the species can capture all of our hearts.

How Is the Happy Couple Doing Now?

It seems like the couple is still growing strong after just over a year together.

Fans of this goose duo got a little treat on Facebook last month.

Riverside Cemetery officials posted a pic on social media of Blossom and Frankie, still happy and still in love.

CBS Sunday Morning's own Steve Hartman put together a wonderful story regaling the tale of the lonely goose widow. Make sure to check that out down below!

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