Kwik Star is one of the best 'one-stop shops' ever.

Whether you're filling up with gas for your next road trip adventure, need a quick lunch snack, or buy an entire meal for the family, you can never go wrong with making a stop at Kwik Star.

Not only does Kwik Star offer fresh food, but they also have an incredible selection of healthier options. Kwik Star offers a variety of fresh fruit options, potatoes, onions, and other produce. If you need to make a 'kwik' stop to grab a healthier lunch, Kwik Star has you covered.

If you're looking for something sweet and/or salty, Kwik Star has a new item that has combined two of Kwik Star's most popular items: doughnuts and chips!


Doughnut Potato Chips?

The newest innovation at Kwik Star has the potential to be your new favorite snack. I have a feeling that 'blueberry-dunker flavored URGE potato chips' will be something you either love or hate. There's no in-between.

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According to CSNews, "the flavored snack is a nod to the chain's popular Blueberry Dunker doughnuts, which debuted in 2013. In 2023, the company made more than 9 million Blueberry Dunkers."

Kwik Star wanted to create a new product that was based on one of their most popular products. There was some testing involved and after going through various options, Kwik Star has landed on the Blueberry Dunker potato chips.

The chips will be available on May 18th for a limited time.

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The social media supervisor for Kwik Trip/Kwik Star is Paige Geary and she said the social media team has had a lot of fun hinting at this new product on social media. She told CSNews

"The launch of this new product has been a fun one for our team to tease on social media these past few weeks."

Be ready to hit Iowa's Kwik Star shelves this Saturday (May 18) for the official release of the new Blueberry Dunker-flavored URGE potato chips.

If you've ever wondered why these stores are called Kwik Trips in most states and Kwik Stars in Iowa, there's a reason for that, which involves a different store.

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