The Iowa State Cyclones football team is getting new digs next season!

The Cyclones finished their 2023-2024 season with an overall record of 7-6. As the Cyclones look to improve their play on the field next year, they also want to look good doing it. Iowa State teased a potential uniform change back in early April and now fans can see their first glimpse of the new jerseys.

According to the Des Moines Register, the Cyclones have seen a variety of alternate uniform changes in the past few years but the team has not seen a full-blow change to the standard uniforms since 2018.

Cyclones fans have grown used to seeing the red jerseys with gold numbers, white jerseys with red numbers, and the all-black alternative uniforms. With the unavailing of the new uniforms, the Cyclones are bringing back something that may be familiar to fans, which the Cyclones haven't worn since the 2017 season. Shoulder stripes are coming back!

The new jerseys were revealed in this video posted by Iowa State Football's social media team


What Are Your Favorite Looks?

Here are photos of the new uniforms with different angles to look through!

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Which jersey combination do you like the best? I've always been a fan of #blackout jerseys. I'm convinced every team looks good in all-black uniforms. There's just something cool about them in my opinion.

Is it just me or do college football teams seem to be making uniform changes all of the time now? You never know what the Oregon Ducks will be wearing in any given week, the west Virginia Mountainers just announced new uniforms for the upcoming season. The Minnesota Golden Gophers seem to have a different uniform each week. Michigan State introduced new uniforms last season, and the University of Florida added all-black jerseys to their locker rooms in 2023.

I wonder if we'll see a new jersey from Iowa State again shortly or if they'll add even more alternate jerseys. Could it be time for the Iowa Hawkeyes to add more alternate jerseys to their program?

Cyclones fans will get their first live look at the new jerseys when the team begins their 2024-2025 season against North Dakota on August 31st.

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