Major changes require some major chunks of change.

On Tuesday, April 16th officials from the University of Northern Iowa announced a partnership with the city of Cedar Falls on a huge project for the college.

In a recent press announcement, it was made public that the city of Cedar Falls is set to give UNI $3 million for a major project.

The Cedar Falls City Council approved the FY25 budget (budget for the 2025 fiscal year) on the night of Monday, April 15th.

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This budget includes $1.25 million for the project and an additional $1.75 million that will be paid out in the following two years.

What's All This Money For?

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The approximate $3 million is set to go towards a major university of Northern Iowa renovation project on the UNI Dome.

This endeavor has been ongoing, but the $3 million from the city will make a major difference in the construction moving forward.

According to the official project site, this renovation is set to make improvements upon facility restrooms, the West Concourse, the sound system, as well as improving venue accessibility.

See the full plans here!

What Do Local Officials Think About This?


Local officials involved in the project shared their excitement for this development.

The newly elected mayor of Cedar Falls Mayor Danny Laudick said,

"We're proud to invest alongside the university, UNI alumni and so many others in the community to see what the next 50 years of the Dome can bring to Cedar Falls."

In a statement from the University of Northern Iowa, Council Member Kelly Dunn wants a strong tax base so that the people of Cedar Falls can, "...have the highest level of service as possible..."

"From the beginning of this conversation, I have felt that this is basic economic development," Dunn said.

Officials from the University of Northern Iowa are looking forward to this project.

Bob Bowlsby, the interim Director of Athletics at UNI is happy to have the support of the mayor of Cedar Falls and city council.

"With this support, we can all look forward to a bright and vibrant future for the UNI-Dome."

Courtesy of UNI Public Relations
Courtesy of UNI Public Relations

"The UNI-Dome has been the site of hundreds of iconic events over its 50 year lifespan. The venue continues to be a beacon that has attracted visitors to Cedar Falls and the Cedar Valley," Bowlsby said.

Phase one of the project is set to continue this May. Officials confirm that they are working to replace the center portion of the UNI-Dome roof.

For more information about the project, make sure to check out the official UNI Dome Renovation website here.

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