A man on TikTok under the name Joss Marchell was slammed by the internet for a viral video in which he wore blackface to mock Halle Bailey as Ariel in the new 'Little Mermaid' trailer from Disney.

What made the video even more harmful was the fact that he wasn't just mocking the movie, he was mocking the adorable and emotional reactions of young Black kids seeing a Black Ariel for the first time.

In one response video, another TikTok user discovered that the man may be related to a popular Indonesian actress.

"You thought we were gonna let you slide after this?" she said.

The woman also said that she found out the man is "allegedly studying to be a lawyer" and encouraged viewers to share the video with his alleged sister on Instagram by tagging her.

Another TikToker noted the same thing about Marchell allegedly studying law, and even found a photo of him wearing a Northwestern hoodie.

He then shared the phone numbers for the school, as well as their social media accounts, implying that viewers should contact them to alert them of their apparent student's abhorrent post.

"Y'all we got some phone calls to make," he said.

When some comments called the video a simple "mistake," others explained why it's deeper than that.

One man said, "He took the time to set a camera angle, play a movie trailer, put this black stuff on his face, get a red wig, and then imitate and mock little Black girls. That took time and effort."

"That was not a mistake. That was deliberate," he continued.

Watch the full response, below:

"There is no explaining this behavior. It is racism and nothing else. It's so tiring," another response video declared.

The person also noted how the movie has been plagued by racist reactions ever since Disney unveiled the first teaser showing Halle Bailey, known as a singer in a duo with her sister Chloe, as Ariel singing "Part of Your World."

"Y'all anti-Blackness has been SHOWING ever since this movie was announced," the post read.

After the trailer, many people showed their true colors online by making racist remarks and exhibiting bigoted behavior toward the film.

They have dismissed Bailey's portrayal of Ariel as "woke" and flooded the video with 1.5 million dislikes on YouTube.

As reported by The Guardian, some have even gone so far as to attempt to claim that a Black mermaid is "unscientific," a ridiculous claim that has no actual scientific merit.

It is unclear if the information uncovered about Marchell by TikTok sleuths is true, but the videos have gone viral in response.

Watch more TikTok responses to the situation, below:

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