If you haven't picked up a MercyOne Foundation yard sign that supports local healthcare workers, do it now! It not only shows your support for your local healthcare heroes but also is a way to donate towards the COVID-19 Response Fund.

According to KWWL, the MercyOne foundations in Cedar Falls, Oelwein and Waterloo had a yard sign fundraiser happening to raise money for the COVID-19 Response Fund. The signs support local healthcare workers and all the donations go towards the Response Fund. What does the COVID-19 Response Fund do exactly? Glad you asked.

The COVID-19 Response Fund helps out healthcare workers in the Cedar Valley by providing funds to go towards protective equipment and other healthcare needs to fight this pandemic. As of now, more than $2500 has been raised and puts toward this response fund.

The orders are going through May, so if you want to support your local healthcare workers and give back to your communities, you can purchase a yard sign here: https://www.mercyone.org/northeastiowa/giving/yard-sign-fundraiser

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