Morgan Wallen fell walking down the steps of his stage, but responded like a true professional. Video of the incident show him giving an "it happens" kind of smile as he keeps singing.

Thick fog looks to be to blame for Wallen's stage fall in Louisville, Ky., on Thursday (April 20). He was singing "Heartless" — a song that has kicked off his encore in the past — when he walked from stage left to the steps in the center. There are only a few, and he appears to trip over something.

After a stumble, Wallen nearly steadies himself before slamming hard into a short wall on his left. Fortunately, he was able to catch himself. There are several videos of the incident that show different angles.

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"Popped back up like a true pro!" writes @brandon.dd2 on TikTok. "Glad Morgan's OK."

This video shows his response to falling. After climbing out of the pit, he smiles at fans in the front rows, squats down, gives a high five and offers a look that's somewhere between "Yikes!" and "You gotta be careful out here."

"Next time don't put so much smoke on the stage," Wallen says in video captured by @megan.nadine21. There might have been a conversation with his crew afterward.

Another video sticks with him right after the fall — we're pretty sure the rip in his jeans was there already. Listen for the slam of his microphone on what looks to be light monitors:

Winning the responses to Wallen's stage fall is General Chunkey on TikTok. "After this show, his name ain't Morgan Wallen anymore. It's Morgan Fallen."

We're here for the dad jokes.

Wallen's show in Kentucky was just his second on the American leg of his One Night at a Time Tour, which runs into October. The world tour focuses on hits and new songs from his One Thing at a Time album, released last month.

He gave fans in Nashville a preview of that tour and album during a free show at Bridgestone Arena.

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