In this week’s battle of Netflix movie stars there is one clear winner: Kevin Hart beat Chris Hemsworth and Adam Sandler.

That’s because Hart’s new Netflix film, The Man From Toronto, topped the streaming service’s list of most-watched movies around the globe. Netflix users watched over 53 million hours of The Man From Toronto last week. The action comedy also stars Woody Harrelson and was directed by The Hitman’s Bodyguard’s Patrick Hughes.

The Man From Toronto topped both Hemsworth’s recent sci-fi thriller Spiderhead, as well as Sandler’s new sports drama Hustle. Both movies have been on the service for a couple weeks, while The Man From Toronto was brand new on Netflix this week. (Interestingly, Spiderhead logged more hours viewed this week than last, which suggests there might be some positive word of mouth on that movie.)

Here’s Netflix’s global top ten for the week:

The Ten Most-Watched Movies on Netflix Right Now

Here are the ten most-watched English-language movies on Netflix from June 20 to June 26.

The Man From Toronto ranked among the top 10 films on Netflix in 92 countries around the globe, including such far-flung places as Luxembourg, Malta, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Australia. Despite logging fewer total hours, Spiderhead was actually popular in more countries last week; it was in the top 10 in 93 different territories. (It was #1 in Estonia! Estonia loves Spiderhead!) Meanwhile, Hustle landed on the charts in 85 countries. In fact, it’s still the number one movie on Netflix in Guatemala. Clearly you should never underestimate Adam Sandler’s Guatemalan fanbase.

If you missed it, here’s the trailer for The Man From Toronto, which was originally produced by Sony. They sold the title to Netflix back in April.

All told, Netflix has seven original movies (or acquisitions) in their global top ten this week. After a while where a lot of random older movies were huge hits on Netflix, it seems like the service’s current batch of titles are faring a little better with their customers.

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