As we inch close to record-breaking cold territory, there are several 2-hour school delays today. This includes delays for both Waterloo, Cedar Falls schools, and Waverly. You can see the complete list below, and the expected wind chills for the remainder of the day. Remember to check back with us for updates.

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AGWSR Schools: 2-hour delay, No AM preschool.


Bosco System Catholic Schools: 2-hour delay and no morning preschool

Cedar Falls Schools: Delayed 1 hour, 30 minutes

Cedar Rapids Schools: 2-hour delay, No AM Preschool

Clarksville Schools: 2-hour delay

Denver Schools: 2-hour delay - No AM Preschool

Dike-New Hartford Schools: No before-school activities, however classes will still start at the normal times.

East Allamakee Schools: 2-hour delay

Grundy Center Schools: 2-hour delay and no morning activities

Howard-Winneshiek Schools: 2-hour delay

Hudson Schools: Delayed 2 hours

Independence: 2-hour delay, No AM preschool or AM activities

Janesville Schools: 2-hour delay and all morning activities canceled

MFL/Mar Mac Schools: 2-hour delay

Nashua-Plainfield Schools: 2-hour delay, No AM activities, and no morning preschool

New Hampton Schools: 2-hours delays; No AM preschool

North Fayette Valley Comm Schools: 2-hours delay

North Linn Comm. Schools: 2-hours delay, no 3-year old preschool

Postville Schools: 2-hours delay

Starmont Schools: 2-hours delay

Sumner-Fredericksburg Schools: 2-hours delay, No AM activities or practices

Tripoli Schools: 2-hour late start, no AM child care, and no breakfast.

Turkey Valley Schools: 2-hour delay, all morning activities canceled

Union Community Schools: 2-hour delay

Waterloo Schools: 2-hour delay, no AM preschool

Wapsie Valley: 2-hour delay

Waverly-Shell Rock Schools: 2-hour delay

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