A pilot episode is an opportunity for a show’s creators to give networks a taste of what their TV series has to offer. For that reason, crafting a pilot is a particularly painstaking process. And, since television shows often morph and evolve as they go, it’s hard to nail down exactly what to include in a single episode. Of course, the main characters must be front and center — their dynamic must be introduced, as well as their setting. If the show is a comedy, its distinct brand of humor will ideally be on display, as well.

Of the many TV pilots made every year, most of them are never seen by the public. That’s why, when a show does get ordered to series, it’s such a big deal. However, it is possible for a studio to see potential in a show while still wanting to change several elements before it hits the air. In fact, some of your favorite TV shows have unaired pilots that are drastically different from what finally made it to your television screen.

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What’s more, even if a pilot does end up airing, it can still have a noticeably different tone from the rest of the show. Pilots are an opportunity for writers to find their footing — you’d be surprised how many popular shows started out on an uneven note. The goal is that the show will run for enough time to eventually fall into its groove. Luckily, these shows did. Here are 10 popular TV series that made drastic changes after their pilot episodes.

TV Shows That Changed Drastically After Their Pilot Episodes

These beloved TV shows started their lives as very different pilot episodes.
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