Fun fact: I love Halloween. Additional fun fact: I hate haunted houses. I don't like being in the dark and having people jump out at me. So when I was told that I'd be getting a tour of The Heart Of Darkness in Waterloo, I was relieved that it was during the daytime. And wow, HOD certainly lives up to the hype. Here's a sneak peek!

The Heart of Darkness was selected as the #1 haunted attraction in Iowa for 2016, and HOD's "Fear Engineers" have been hard at work to make this year the most terrifying yet!


The Heart of Darkness opens for the season Friday, September 29th, and is located at 5111 Osage Rd. in Waterloo. Visit for directions, prices, specials and dates & hours of operation. Plus, listen next week to win a FOUR-PACK of Fast Passes!

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