During the summer of 2021, I had a chance to get away to an Airbnb with my dad, stepmom, and sisters. As nice as it was to see the fam, the shirt my dad was wearing each evening we were there caught my attention.

It said "Bananas" and had a logo on the arm patch, just like the one below...

That was my introduction to the viral sensations known as the Savannah Bananas. An exhibition baseball club that's based in, as the name implies, Savannah, Georgia. What makes the team unique is the incredible audience interaction at every home game.

Under "Banana Ball" rules, the games never go longer than two hours (much needed for the casual baseball fan), batters stay in the batter's box between pitches when a player walks, he must sprint to first, and when a fan catches a foul ball... the hitter is OUT.

The team is also known for doing wacky dances, crazy between-inning games, and unique promotions that would scare away most any stuffed shirt major league suit.

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Since seeing him wearing the shirt, and reading up on the rules, I saw a feature on the club on CBS Sunday Morning, and have begun following them on social media. They are, in a word, viral. The popularity of the club has extended far beyond Savannah, and the league the team plays in, it's gone nationwide.

The Savannah Bananas via YouTube
The Savannah Bananas via YouTube

Incredibly popular, the team seems to always sell out home and road games. As a result, in the summer of 2023, they're taking the show, erm, ballgame on the road. Wouldn't you know it they're going to make a stop in Iowa on their 2023 Banana Ball World Tour!

While the team actually starts its season in February, they'll be hitting Iowa's capital in August according to Savannah Now.


3 — Savannah vs. Party Animals

5 — Savannah vs. Party Animals

9 — at Trenton, New Jersey

11-12 — at Staten Island, New York

14 — at Hartford, Connecticut

16 — at Brockton, Massachusetts

18 — at Portland, Maine

25 — at Des Moines, Iowa (Principal Park)

30 — Savannah vs. Party Animals

Principal Park is the home of the Iowa Cubs, the Triple-A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs. As of now, tickets are not on sale - but you can sign up for an alert when they are available. Warning, since the announcement the website, has been SWAMPED.

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