Nothing makes me more happy than a big bowl of gnocchi. They are the most delicious pillowy morsels you’ll ever put in your mouth. No seriously, especially when they are paired with the best ingredients that you can find. 

While summer is certainly over, my favorite thing during the hot summer months is heading to the farmers market on a Wednesday after work with my cloth bags clenched in my fist and talking to the farmers about what was just plucked at its peak that morning. I could go there with a recipe in mind for dinner that night, and it totally changes when I see that the colorful heirloom tomatoes and perky kale have made their way to the stands. Step aside broccoli, this recipe is a job for the more famous Iowa mascot - sweet corn! 

Because my husband has Celiac Disease, gnocchi for us is always a treat. I can’t always find it at the grocery store, so I either have to make my own or hope that they have my favorite gluten free gnocchi in stock. Please, for this recipe, use whatever your favorite gnocchi may be. With that being said, the burrata in this dish is non negotiable. 

Burrata is my soul cheese and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. It is creamy and delicious and everything that dreams are made of. The exterior is a mozzarella shell that is filled with creamy stracciatella. Think mozzarella, but amplified! You will never go back.

Hearty Autumn Gnocchi Recipe