I've already shared with you my love of game shows. I even auditioned for 'Jeopardy!' earlier this year. But 'The Price Is Right' is my all-time fave, and moments like this are the reason why.

'The Price Is Right' had their Season 46 premiere this week. And, in celebration of Drew Carey's 10th year hosting the show, the Showcase Showdown was extra special. If a contestant spun $1 on the big wheel they'd win $10,000 instead of the usual $1,000.

What happened next was truly remarkable. Check it out...I won't spoil it for you:

How nuts is that? I love how happy the audience gets--they're genuinely rooting for it to keep going. And why not? It's a piece of game show history that (probably) will never be topped. Check out the unedited version here.

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